It’s interesting how fast the internet is changing and how many new traffic sources are out there still to be discovered.
We want to give all the credits for the following premium method to one of our paid members.
He’s a typical new comer that has no technical experience, haven’t made a dime online before and simply was looking for a way to make money on the internet:
– without a website
– without an email
– without spending any money
– without working hard
– using free traffic only
– and as quickly as possible
And when someone is in this situation, usually they find what they are looking for.
One morning when our CEO was going through his email box, he found an email with the subject line:
When we checked through our autoresponder system, we noticed that it came from one of our customers from Iceland.
We thought that this will be a question related to support, but we were pleasingly surprised finding that the email had more “!” signs then “?”.



These are the emails we look forward to receive.
And since we in no way represent ourselves being experts on everything, this was the traffic source that we had no idea about, even though the url was familiar from the google search results.
It took a couple more emails to Ari to find out more details about his sale and a couple more to get his approval to post this premium post for you guys.
The following premium method is perfect for new affiliates who haven’t made a Clickbank sale yet and have very limited time to work on their online business.
10 to 15 minutes a day is enough.
It works in any niche and you can receive free traffic almost instantly.
For this method, as Ari wrote in his email, he used a free website called…

Due to huge demand, this premium post is now available for

“Full Access” members only. If you would like to become a Full Access member,

simply click the link below:

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korey king · at

I have tried them in the past, by far the easiest way of getting free traffic right now on the internet.

I have been making a bank with CPA offers.

Lorey · at

I’m always excited getting your emails for new methods. Thank you incomevoice team.

Grant 52 · at

Great job Ari. We should team up and name our team “old-fart-marketers over 50” 🙂

I will try this tactic. Thank you for this.

Stacy Girl · at

thanks. This will come in handy. I’m always looking for free traffic sources.
great information for a newbie like me.

Anelle P · at

Just got an email about this. Thank you for taking your time to help us. God bless you!

Petter from Sweden · at

Quality post. Thanks again!

Anonymous · at

Do you need to pay for traffic?
What’s the quality of the traffic?
And where the traffic is coming from? countries?


    Andrew James · at

    1. No. It’s Free Traffic.
    2. It’s extremely targeted traffic and you can get traffic in a very competitive niches (weight loss, muscle, relationships, personal development, make money online) .
    3. Most are from tier 1 (US, UK, NZ, IE, CA, AU)


justme · at

Thanks! I promote CPA offers. I will test it later today.

gabriel_29 · at

Can I get traffic to my dog training products?

    Andrew James · at

    You can get free traffic with this method to almost any niche possible.

Mahadevan · at

Can you please confirm me the following ?
1. Any other upsells after purchase $2.99 and $27
2. It applies for all cpa offers also else only for clickbank products ?
3. can i apply your formula daily and possible to earn ?
4. In case if any difficulties to understand , can you help me to clarify after purchase the product from you ?

Waiting for your reply.

    Andrew James · at

    Hello Mahadevan,

    1. After $2.97 there is an upsell for a discounted “Full Access” plan.
    After $27, there no upsells.

    2. Yes, it also applies for CPA offers, list building and so on.

    3. Yes you can.

    4. Yes, you can contact through the contact form for support.


Mahadevan · at

Great…. Thanks for your immediate reply. soon will contact you.

Piotr · at

Is this has to do anything with social networking sites?

please reply. thanks.

    Andrew James · at

    Hello Piotry,
    no. this has nothing to do with any networking site.


riyan affiliate · at

Why the hell on earth you have revealed my secret weapon #1 ? 😉

kidding, good post.

johnsmith · at

do you use this traffic source yourself?
If yes, is it really working?

Andrew James · at


yes we do. In fact we use this free traffic source for incomevoice as well.

lauren19 · at

is it newbie friendly? I don’t want technical stuff like creating videos.

Olabode · at

how can i pay this course

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