Our team member Jane is a very smart person.
She discovered this weird method by complete accident while she was watching Youtube videos on fashion, makeup and other girly stuff.
Now you may think, “how in the world can anyone make money on YouTube without even uploading any videos?”
Well, in this post you will discover the exact method that will allow you to do just that.
One morning when I came to the office here in our headquarters in Atlanta, I saw Jane all excited and I immediately knew that she was onto something big.
When I asked her what’s going on, she looked at me and said I got it!
“Do you remember when I said yesterday to you that I found this very outside the box strategy to make money with YouTube without uploading any videos?”
I said yes.
“Well, when I came to work today I was astonished”, she continued.
This simple method actually already made us 1 sale. Overnight.
From just one video!
“And you won’t believe me how we did it”, Jane said.
Well, that really intrigued me.
Then I asked her is it really legal?
Do you need to comment on other people videos?
“No”, she said.
Is it involved spamming?
“No, it’s perfectly whitehat method.”
Is it Youtube Ads?
“How much money do you made?”, I quickly asked.
“Not much, just $13, but Andrew, there’s a huge potential with this!”, she shouted excited.
(update: and it was, since she was almost doubling her money daily after we spoke that Monday).

As mentioned time and time again on our blog, we prefer income methods and systems that are:
• easy (no technical skills)
• fast (30-60min/day)
• scalable (to reach at least $100-$300/day)
• autopilot (make money while you sleep)


And the following step-by-step method is exactly that.
• You don’t need to create any videos
• You don’t even need to upload any videos
• You can see traffic coming in almost immediately
• You can implement it tonight

In fact, when she outlined the whole concept, my thoughts were, “This is brilliant. This should work even better with CPA offers!”
So the story goes like this:
When she was browsing Youtube on Sunday, she noticed that those makeup videos (makeup tutorials) receive a huge amount of views.
I’m talking about thousands upon thousands of views daily.
So her first thought was…

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Diana Emerson · at

I would never thought of this. Amazing!
It’s surprising that no one is doing this.

Thanks for sharing this with us!

    Andrew James · at

    Hey Diana,

    yes. The potential with this one is enormous.

    You could be easily making a full time income using just this one method.

Darrel Anderson Jr. · at

I will recommend this post to my wife. LOVE IT! thanks for the great make money online idea.

dale_moneymaker · at


Omar Mohammed Mullah · at

Thank you incomevoice. I’ll try this. Looks like a very simple and profitable method.

TomUSA · at

Very smart 😉 Never seen anyone doing it. Thanks for the great share once again.

Ann · at

Goodness, I never knew you could use clickbank and make money off of YouTube that others upload. This is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this, we’ll definitely be giving it a shot.

Brad Slane · at

Would this work on any type of video that is getting hits like this?

    Andrew James · at

    Hey Brad,
    Yes. the more views the video gets, the better.

    And if it’s targeted to a profitable niche, it’s even better.

Eric Cox · at

It’s really surprising that most youtube videos have no monetization in place. They leave a lot of money on the table. Thanks for the unique method.

Philly Boy · at

guys, it’s official!
Yesterday I made my first Clickbank sale ($30.28) promoting the The 3 Week Diet offer.

It was a combination of this method and my own little twist.

It wasn’t instant, but it worked.

    Kiaan Llakshay · at

    cool. I just started using this method. hope i will make some sales too.

    Andrew James · at

    Congrats Philly! yes, health and skin offer works amazingly well with this.

IMakeMoneyOnline · at

Hello, can I contact with you with some questions? I really want to start with this methode.

    Andrew James · at

    you can contact through our Contact form.

    Just click on the “Contact” in the menu above.


Daniel-Cooler · at

Good ol’ method with a killer twist. great post. never thought of using it with Clickbank products. thnx.

Budi Ariadi · at

Mr, what i must buy domain if i buy your this method.

i very newbee.

thank you

Alex · at

I have a question.
Do you need to use non-copyrighted YT videos for this to work?
Do you need to use YT movie editor?

L M Tony · at

I;m new to online marketing, is this step by step?

    Andrew James · at

    Hello L M Tony,
    yes, this is step-by-step + bonus video included.


sergej RUSSIA · at

Is this about using Creative Commons videos? I’m very interested in purchasing this product.

Bob2k · at

good read. thx!

Ola · at

How can I get this course

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