If someone would’ve told me in my early days that you can make $653/month with Clickbank, spending literally just 15 min a day and without a website, I would be all in.
$653/month is still a lot of money!
Not only that, the following Clickbank method is very newbie friendly and falls into our favorite money making category which is:

• easy (no technical skills)
• fast (15min/day)
• scalable (able to reach at least $100-$300/day)
• autopilot (make money while you sleep)
• uses Free traffic only
• newbie friendly
• no website required

Plus, Google will actually helped us along!
You will soon discover how.
Jane is our forum maniac.
She reads a lot. And I mean A LOT. That’s probably why she finds those hidden golden gems.
A couple months ago she was browsing the Warrior Forum and found this interesting thread that said: “I spend 15 min a day while Google is doing all the hard work for me to make money online”.
I don’t remember the exact title, but it was something along those lines.
This of course caught Jane’s attention.
And yes, in fact it was exactly what it said.
Google was happily helping the guy (for free) to make those Clickbank sales.
So that day, while our staff went to lunch, Jane, with a cup of tea and a sandwich nearby, stayed in the office to see if this really works.
This Google service was actually free and very easy to use, so without much of a hassle, within 15 min it was all setup and ready to go.
When Jane mentioned the name of the thread, I instantly thought of:
– Google search
– Youtube
– Google Play Store
– Gmail
– Blogger
– Google Hangouts.
But it was neither of the above. Not even close.
Long story short, 15 minutes after the setup – nothing happened.
1 hour later, still nothing.
2 hours later, zero.
Ok, I said, “Jane, it’s probably too good to be true”.
“I guess this just doesn’t work.” – she whispered.
But then it started.
Google started to send us emails!
It took a bit longer than we thought, but that Google tool has actually worked.

In fact, it worked so well that Jane managed to make around $653 in one month. (See the screenshot below).
Not much, but hey, it was free money, so we will take it.

Overview of the method

OK, so, let’s break it all down into the step-by-step pieces for all of you who want to duplicate exactly what we did.
As we mentioned, the traffic for this method is free.
So you won’t be needing to spend any money.
The method works in ANY Clickbank niche.
We used this for weightloss/fitness product.
So for this particular method we used a secret Google tool called…

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Mary Welch · at

I love seeing new ways to make money, especially with Google. Thanks!

Donald Steffen · at

I do not have luck with Clickbank. I guess I am just not sure how to promote these types of products. I need to find one that is so unique and does not have a lot of competition for this to work, right?

    Andrew James · at

    Hey Donald,

    More competition means that the product is a good seller and makes money for affiliates. Otherwise they wouldn’t promote.

    Less competition usually means that either product is not selling that well (low conversion rates) or the product is still very new.

    We recommend choosing competitive products and adding your own twist when marketing them.

    Another reason why you should avoid low competitive products is that usually they are in a very narrow/specific niche and hard to scale if you want to make good income.

Derrick Edgar · at

I have just started using Clickbank and I found it harder than I thought. Thank you for this method, this looks like something that I needed to get started.


Emmitt Krueger · at

Well, I just paid for your premium content and I really like the value for such a small investment.

I knew this method, but never thought Google had such tool. This will really save a lot of time. thanks for the resource.

Cheong Tsu · at

Thanks for this post. The tool is working great. My gmail is full of emails from Google 🙂

Smart Guy · at

It’s like cheating. I hope they won’t take it down anytime soon.

Thanks for another great share.

lowrence · at

this sounds like a very interesting method. I will check it out.

Stacy Girl · at

Do I need to spend money? thanks.

    Andrew James · at

    hey Stacy,
    No. It’s a free method.
    The tool is also free to use.


Ryan · at

Thanks. I can see so many different ways to use this tool. Great share!

Sanji Muhammad · at

I’m new to making money on the internet and I really enjoy your methods. I hope this will help me to get started and make my first dollar online. Thank you!

rose · at


Ahmed Mohamed · at

Is this involved using Google Plus Social Networke?

Nataly · at

This method really intrigued me:) I will open up later tonight.

L M Tony · at

I use this to drive traffic to my blog. I know this post is on CLickbank, but I found it that I can make more money from my blog instead of sending to Clickbank offers.

larry e. · at

Is it possible to drive traffic to my AdSense site?


eddt · at

Hi, please if i pay the $27 will i have access to all your content, i really need to make money for tuition which is a bit high for me to pay now..

Please respond asap.

    Andrew James · at

    hello eddt,

    yes, you will gain instant access to all of our premium posts, as well as all of our future posts without any charge.


Pharrell · at

Does this still work till date? I am still trying to make my first dollar online. So I want to be sure this still works as at today before I jump in. Thanks

    Andrew James · at

    hey Pharrell,

    yes, it’s up to date.

    We regularly remove those that stopped working.


Deejay · at

Hi, I got interested with all your posts. I want to make real money online. May I know if aside from you guys, are there users already made real money using your methods? Thank you for your reply..

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