Here’s a quick story:

One late, rainy Thursday night while testing some of the Clickbank ideas, by a complete accident, I stumbled upon on this stupidly simple but yet very PROFITABLE strategy.

I still remember like it was yesterday.

I was about to grab a cup of tea standing on my small wooden table near the laptop, and suddenly my inbox went crazy from PayPal’s ‘payment received’ notification emails.

Screenshot attached:


All I was doing is giving away free content (I will show you exactly where to find it and use it legally).

How amazing is that 😍

Free content to convince your audience

Basically, you will be throwing a hook to attract buyers and then we will immediately upsell them with the Clickbank product.

Truth to be told, I was expecting this to work. Who doesn’t like free content?

But not like this!

I remember I even told my friends that I wouldn’t be able to go out that night.

This is how hypnotizing it was.

And the best part was that every new customer was now automatically added on my red-hot buyers list.

You know, sometimes free offers are completely free, and sometimes they’re free trials. But this one is free and offers you a selling strategy.

Companies actually pay people to hand out free samples of their products. You can do the same.

The competition on the internet is fierce, so giving away samples can be the perfect promotion to nudge ahead of everyone else.

Those free sample can generate thousands of dollars.

We’ve seen conversion rates for our free offer as high as 20-35%, and that’s for cold traffic!

How to Make Money by Giving Free Stuff Away

I though, OK, they made a commitment, so that means they are serious and ready to invest money into their education.

I wonder what would happen if I introduce them to a $47 Clickbank product?


1 out of 4 people bought the Clickbank product!

So if giving away freebies, and making cash at the same time sound like it might interest you—then check out our method!

Another free money making case study? To watch John day trade stocks every day on YouTube, check out this.

Overview of the method

The best part about this method is that:

1. Don’t need to spend a dime for this method to work.
2. You can set it up even if you are complete newb.
3. You can finally make your first Clickbank sale easier and faster.

So how do you make Clickbank sales by giving away free content?


You simply give away…

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Darrel Anderson Jr. · at

this is what I call “outside the box thinking”! Loving the idea. Thanks for the detailed instructions on setting all up.

You’ve gone above and beyond with this one. Amazing share.

Double Daisy :) · at

Thank you Andrew, Raimundas and Jane for your awesome methods, I’m going to buy this one, just one question, do I need a website to get started ??

    Andrew James · at

    Hey Daisy,
    There’s no website required. You can start absolutely free.


Vlad Voiczik Serbia · at

Great method! I bought it without thinking and it’s awesome indeed! I’ll put it into action right away.

Ben · at

You are the man . thanks Andrew!

Denis · at

thank you for a great idea. This should help me to sell more clickbank products.
I also have a question. You put up this list of niches, which three of them worked the best for you?

    Andrew James · at

    Hey Denis,

    Actually this strategy will work in most of the Clickbank niches, since most of them are in the “pain/huge problem” category that people are eager to solve.

    We personally focus on:
    Health (weight loss, fitness, body building)
    Relationships (how to find a girlfriend/boyfriend, get your ex back)
    Wealth (how to build your business online and how to make money on the internet).


Jake McNeill · at

Very cool idea. building your buyers list is a must if you are going to use this.
You can make a ton of money with this simple strategy if it’s done right.
Thanks for these golden nuggets incomevoice.

Lorey · at

THANK YOU! Such a wonderful idea!
now I understand how those other people make money with Clickbank.

dale_moneymaker · at

Thanks. never seen anyone teaching this.

gloria (uk, london) · at

unlocked this today. I must say I’m impressed with the idea.
thank you very much for sharing this with us.


TamSteenie · at

just wanted to say thanks! Today I have got my first two $1.95 sales, can’t wait to make that big $27-47 clickbank sale!

newb · at

Do you need to build a list first and then promote Clickbank products?

Jay · at

Is this about posting pdfs on document sharing sites with your affiliate link?
btw clickbank does not pay via paypal.

    Andrew James · at

    Hey Jay,

    It’s about pdfs, but not affiliate links inside it.

    Yes, Clickbank does not pay with PayPal.

    It’s a different strategy to get Clickbank sales easier.

Endang · at

I had great success with this method. it works best with “pain” niches where people are desperate. I’m trying to increase my traffic to make more money.

eliza · at

thank you, I will try this.

Pharrell · at

Is it still working as of today?

    Andrew James · at

    Hey Pharrell,
    Yes. It’s up to date.
    We regularly check our methods and remove those that stopped working.


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