The following premium method is extremely powerful.
But be warned, it falls into the greyhat-blackhat area, which means Google and even some of your visitors may not be happy about what you are doing.
You won’t be building a brand.
You won’t be building relationships with your blog visitors.
Your main job of your autoblog is to MAKE MONEY. PERIOD.
And to make them fast, easy, on complete autopilot and without lifting a finger.
This is something that is rarely get mentioned on forums such as Warrior Forum, but it has been the main source of income for greyhat and blackhat marketers.
It’s hands down the best autopilot traffic generation technique we have ever tried.
The system we are about to introduce you to can do the following:
• Collect email addresses in any niche on autopilot
• Make passive affiliate (Clickbank) sales without you doing anything
• Earn easy money with CPA offers (email submits, short form submits)

What is an Autoblog?

An autoblog is basically a WordPress blog that automatically fetches the content from the RSS Feeds.
There are only 3 simple steps to make this work:
• You simply setup a WordPress blog
• Add an autoblogging plugin (we will share with you the one we use for free later in this post)
• Set the keywords and the plugin will pull and add the content for you
You can set the content to be fetched on an hourly or daily basis.
It’s all up to you as to how often you want fresh content to appear on your blog.
When your autoblog starts to rank on Google, you will see a surge of free organic traffic coming in to your blog on complete autopilot.
The more posts that have been published, the more traffic will come in.
The more autoblogs you setup, the more traffic will come in.
Yes, you can install as many WordPress blogs on just one domain as you want!
Which means, you can setup an autoblogging plugin on every single wordpress blog.
So, basically for just $10 (the cost of your domain), you can have 10 to 30 autoblogs running on just one domain.
Using this method alone, you can build an empire of money-making autoblogs, and then just sit back and enjoy the leads and money coming in.
Usually, the traffic volume will depend on the niche. However, that’s not always the case with autoblogs.
We have been using autoblogs to collect emails in the MMO/internet marketing niche, which is quite competitive niche and still managed to get at least 2 subcribers per autoblog.
However, if you are in, let’s say celebrity or any other mainstream niche which is not as competitive as health, wealth of relationships markets, then you can literally explode your web servers with traffic.
If you do the math, you will see that autoblogging can be extremely profitable even in the most competitive niches.
The domain will cost you only $10 (even less with coupon codes).
We have a shared web hosting which cost us around $150 per year and it’s already have a ton of profitable websites hosted on.
So basically, every new project that we setup cost us nothing (except the new domain name, which is one time payment of $10).
If you can get at least one opt-in (email address) per day, that means that at the end of
the year, you will have 360 leads for only $10!
What if your autoblog can generate two emails each day?
That’s 720 highly targeted leads for just $10!
If you make at least 1 Clickbank sale a day (averaging $35/day), that’s equal $1050/month and the more autoblogs you set up, the more you will make.

Furthermore, it’s very easy to reach these numbers using one sneaky trick that we are going to reveal to you later in this post.
Don’t want to build an email list? Not a problem, you can put your Clickbank ad right in your visitor’s face as soon as he or she visit your auto blog.
So, how do you monetize your autoblogs?
Collecting email addresses and funneling them into already proven funnel would be the smartest idea.
But in our experience, slamming a simple banner ad and sending your visitors directly to the CPA or Clickbank affiliate offer worked just as great as building a list.
The only thing we wouldn’t advise you to do aggressively with autoblogs is AdSense, because Google Adsense want original content.
Now, the question you may ask: will I get into trouble posting someone elses content on my blog?
That’s a good question. And here’s the answer: your visitor won’t see the content. Yes. Basically the content will be used for Google only.
Neither your visitors or original blog content owners will see the content on your site. Which means no copyright infringement cases!
How’s that possible? It will put a smile on your face when you discover this. So stay with us.
In this premium blog post, we will show you exactly on how to:
• Set up a free autoblogging plugin on your WordPress blog.
• Get almost 100% click through rate on your banner ads, as well as super high opt-in rates using one sneaky trick (a plugin).
• Buy backlinks to get your autoblogs ranking faster on Google.

So, if you are ready, let’s start!

Adding and Setting up an Autoblogging Plugin

First, download the…

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“Full Access” members only. If you would like to become a Full Access member,

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Ahmed Gaptu · at

Just got unlocked. Super high quality post. I see lots of potential with this method.
I have seen those autoblogs before, but had no idea that they work on complete autopilot and make so much money. Thanks for this golden post.

Amy29 · at

Cool idea! Will this work for CPA as well?

You guys are geniuses! 🙂

    Andrew James · at

    Hey Amy,
    Sure. In fact, we had amazing results promoting CPA email submits (for just submitting the email).

    Free coupons, free gift cards, those convert like crazy.

    CPA form submits doesn’t require you to put your credit card, so you can see faster results promoting CPA.

    Hope this helps.

daniel cooler · at

Just got in.

Great stuff, you should be charging more for this.
With a proper twist this could make a shitload of money.

I’m going to start my first autoblog tonight in viral celebrity niche. I will let you know the results.

Thanks for the great idea.

    Andrew James · at

    cool, glad you you enjoyed the method, Daniel!

      daniel cooler · at

      Update: Today: 87 clicks, yesterday: 64 clicks. In two days: $6 with Adsense.
      I had to pay 0.05 per click before, now I get them for free:)
      Clicks are growing daily. THANKKS!

        Andrew James · at

        Great results, daniel!

        Go ahead and set up a couple more autoblogs on the same domain.
        Or you can wait for the existing autoblog to add more content.

        This should triple your traffic.

        Good luck.

Darrel Anderson Jr. · at

Another great post. Thank You.
I have been following your blog for quite some time now and after reading ‘clickbank and youtube (no video creation required)’ method, decided to unlock the rest of your posts.
Nice stuff.

    Andrew James · at

    Awesome Darrel, glad you enjoyed.

Double Daisy :) · at

Thank you. I like your posts 🙂

Ann · at

Goodness, the quality of info you all are giving us is simply priceless! Autoblogs……who knew?!?! So glad I unlocked this site. Great. great stuff here.

Ahmed Gaptu · at

One of my favorite incomevoice methods thus far. thanks for sharing this.

Just-a-random-affiliate · at

I have been making money with autblogs since 2005, but man. that tip on setting up an unlimited amount of autoblogs on just one domain is very helpful. Never thought of doing it.

Thanks a lot.

Great methods you got here guys. Keep on going!

Marty Man · at

Already had some great results (clicks) using this autoblogging technique.

Can’t wait for the money ($) to appear!


Sanjan · at

Will this work for the movie niche?

    Andrew James · at


    Yes. We managed to get 300-400 visits per autoblog for a movie niche.

    So if you have 10 autoblogs, you can expect 3000-4000 visitors/day.


Khiet · at

Thank you…What is the web hosting you used for this method ?

Azad · at

What means 10 Autoblogs they are no . of add feed url .

    Andrew James · at

    We have updated our premium posts with two videos.

    1st video – How to add an unlimited amount of content (feeds) on one autoblog.

    2nd video – How to add an unlimited amount of autoblogs (seperate wordpress instalations) on one domain.


Khiet · at

Thank you 🙂

Yo · at

Does this still work as today 23/07/2016?

    Andrew James · at

    Yes it does.

    Autoblogs count for 50% of the traffic that is coming to our websites and offers.


Khiet · at

I have 2 questions:
1. Is it necessary to build PBN or web 2.0 for SEO ?
2. What CPA email submits do you promote ?

    Andrew James · at

    Hey Khiet,
    1. It depends on the niche (on how competitive it is). Usually we don’t do much SEO and focus on quantity.
    2. Free iphones, ipads, coupons, samples and similar stuff.


Khiet · at

Thanks a lot 🙂

Antonio · at

I already bought it but you don’t specify what hosting company you use or recommend.

I guess it’s a VPS which is expensive.

It maybe you would want to add this information to the post.

    Raimundas M · at

    we use GoDaddy Shared Hosting.

    No need for VPS.

    Founder and CEO,

AndrejBMW · at

Do you share the autoblogging plugin in your post?
If yes, is it free or paid?
waiting for the reply.

zanele njapha · at

Just started out and no experience working online. Is this detailed enough for a newbie like me?

    Andrew James · at

    Hello Zanele,
    I’ll be upfront with you.
    This method is a bit advanced.
    You will need to have your own hosting, a domain name and set up your own WordPress blog.
    It’s detailed and step-by-step enough to set all things up.
    But if you are completely new, I would recommend trying other (easier) methods.


johnsmith · at

Can you direct link to Clickbank using this strategy?

    Andrew James · at

    Absolutely. You own your autoblogs, so you can send the traffic anywere you want.

Ahmed · at

Is plugin included?

Mislo · at

For fast indexing and ranking power, do you advise buying a decent expired domain to build the autoblogs on?

I think that would boost it’s speed of ranking/ producing results.

I ask you the expert: Where can we buy a goog expired domain with great metrics without spending too much? To put our autoblogs on it of course.

What do you think about that strategy? If it were you, how would you proceed?


Andrew James · at


If you can find a decent domain with some backlinks or, even better, already getting traffic, then that would absolutely make your job easier.

Aged domains rank great on Google. So if you can find a domain that’s been aged for 3-5 years, that would give a huge advantage.

we don’t put too much effort in this. We buy new domains, pre-add some content (up to 20-30 posts), setup an autoblogging plugin, get some social backlinks to a homepage and just leave it there.

And we do that on a huge scale, cause some niches will pick up, some don’t.

We get more backlinks to a homepage and a site map for those that show potential.


    Mislo · at

    Thanks for your answer. 🙂

    Phuoc · at

    For pre-add post (20-30 posts), can we copy post of other site?

      Andrew James · at

      Yeah, of course.
      Those posts won’t be visible to visitors anyway.


Esther · at

Does this still work as today? 5 Jan 2018.

omar sharif abdulbahhaf · at

Can I use this with AdSense?

    Andrew James · at


    we did for a while (using YouTube autoblogs), but then we thought it’s not worth losing our AdSense account and we stopped.

    Now we either redirect to our money sites, use CPA offers or send to Clickbank offers.


Berma · at

Does this still work as today? 29 May 2018.
Thanks for your help 🙂

    Raimundas M · at

    hey Berma,
    yes, on a large scale it does still work.
    Some niches (movies, games, news, trending stuff) can bring you a ton of traffic with just one tiny autoblog.

Mai Thao Tra · at

Hi, Thanks for useful sharing.
I have some questions here:
1. Which the domain name should I choose? according to the niche I’m dealing with ? 2. When I want to creat 30 websites on just 1 that domain, do I use the subdomain (30 subd ) ?
3. I have a name cheap shared hosing with the technique info is: unlimited domain, unlimited website, unlimited bandwidth. Can I use it ?
(Im not good at “website” in geneal, sorry if the questions are so easy ) 😀

    Andrew James · at

    1. If you are creating more than one autoblog on 1 domain, you can choose a generic domain name.
    Something like: or
    You get the idea, then add autoblogging subdomains:

    2. Yes, you create 30 subdomains.
    But I recommend creating 10 on one domain. Just in case Google will decide to deindex your site. Which rarely, but happens. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

    3. Yes, shared hosting is enough, unless you will start getting 20-30k visits/day.

Brian · at

Hi Andrew,

Great blog. I’ve set up websites on Weebly, so do you think I’d be able to follow your videos?

Can you have more than one sub-domain about the same subject? For example /weight-loss /lose weight, so covering various key words or does that not matter?

Where do you get your content? 20 – 30 posts seems a lot.

Are there any upsells on your course?

Thanks again for a great blog.

    Team Income Voice · at

    Hello Brian,

    Don’t know Weebly, but I’m pretty sure you can do the same.

    20 – 30 posts on autoblog is not that much, it’s magic 😉

    No, no upsells on our course. You pay once, you’ll stay a premium member for life.

    Thank you for the compliment on the blog.

    Kind regards,

Olivier · at

Just come across this now, will this method still work or there are any restrictions from Google regarding autoblogs in 2019?

    Team Income Voice · at

    Hello Olivier,

    These methods are evergreen, they still work in 2019.

Olivier · at

Is this method still working in 2019?

Perhaps there are any bans by Google regarding this?

Thank you.

    Team Income Voice · at

    Hello Olivier,

    These methods are evergreen, they still work in 2019.

    Adi · at

    Hi Olivier, are you interested in creating an autopilot / auto blog website? I can make an autopilot website using a blogger platform that is easy to operate and automatically every day.

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