Okay, okay – I will admit that I am the owner and founder of this channel. Still, those numbers are not a lie. How? I spent a few years learning how to find the top day trading stocks and trading the best day trading strategies. With that, I am able to make pretty solid gains in my small account fast during stock market open. Let’s take a look at how I do this….

Day Trading Rules to Follow

The first thing you want to understand is that day trading is not a get rich quick scheme. Trust me – the first thing you will see when you Google it will be Lambos, stacks of cash, and an array of gurus trying to get you to buy their day trading courses. You can’t blame them, everyone has a hustle. Still, day trading is really not like that. It takes years to really learn how to do successfuly and it takes a lot of patience when first getting started. With it, you must do many things correctly or you will actualy lose money. This involves learning good risk management, conditioning yourself to make the right decisions, plus much more.

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Now, back to day trading..

I know what you’re thinking – how do we profit from it?

In trading, you use historical stock levels we call support and resistance to bet on favorable probabilities. We call this technical analysis. For instance, if a stock bounces at the $30 level over and over again, there is a solid chance it will do that again. That way, if the stock drops down to that same level, we can buy the stock anticipating that bounce. This is a very simple example and it is actually much more complicated than that, but hopefully this helps you understand.

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We have built the channel up to have over 20k subscribers, we are hitting 100k views+ per month, growing by 3k+ subscribers every 30 days. Yes, I am making thousands in affiliate and referral income per month which is great. But I am also finally a pretty consistent trader making roughly $1,000 gross every seven days. I trade live on stream showing my Profit and loss every single day – so these numbers are not fakeable. The entire goal of the channel is to give trader’s a free resource and community to get together and trade, so we hope you will subscribe to it.

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To put everything into perspective, I run two Amazon businesses, work on investment properties a real estate agent, run the Beginner Trading YouTube channel, earn thousands in affiliate income per month while working with multiple sponsors/affiliates/brands, plus work as a freelance web developer/designer. That said, I know what it takes to make money online, so be sure to check back soon for more tutorials. 

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