Have you ever wondered if there are legitimate ways of making money online? 

Ways that would let you avoid the corporate rat race, to work at your own pace without a supervisor breathing down your neck? 

In the era of covid-19 it’s more than just an alternate way to earn some extra income, it can very well be a dream job come true!

Wonder no more for I will discuss 5 different ways on how to become an affiliate marketer, but most importantly, how to make money with affiliate marketing!

What even is Affiliate Marketing?

While you might have heard of it along other passive income ideas, more appropriately put it is exposing, promoting, or otherwise marketing products or services businesses are willing to pay for. It can be achieved in a multitude of ways, and I am here to review some of the most effective of them. The often most crucial part of online affiliate marketing is traffic and thus we will focus primarily on it.

1. Start a YouTube Channel 

First, why YouTube in particular? Well, it is possibly the fastest way to get traffic considering how easy it is to livestream on it and partner up using it. 

Next, how to start a YouTube channel? Starting a YouTube channel is nothing easier than creating an account on the platform, and that’s pretty much it. 

A far bigger conundrum is deciding your channel’s focus, your niche or brand. There are many ideas for how to go about doing that, yet the best would be those you’re either most comfortable with, or those you see an opportunity with. In case you’re completely unsure what to do, just search online for YouTube channel ideas, no need to feel shy about taking advice online!

Next up in line is creating YouTube content for the niche or brand you have decided to focus on, all of which is going to heavily depend on your personal focus, but also on what your future subscribers might want from your channel. But creating content is not enough, you need to advertise, make sure your videos hit those sweet keywords search engines love, do some networking, promote on social media, share your content on similar channels, forum boards, anything you think might help!

Once you have all of that figured out, it’s time to think on how to make money on YouTube, and here once more you’re presented with a multitude of options to choose from! 

You can find and contact businesses you think could benefit from your channel, asking whether they’re looking for affiliates to promote their content. 

You can also choose to monetize your content with ads, become a YouTube Partner, prepare your own merchandise with all the many amazing make/print on demand services at no cost of your own.

Possibly the best platform to know in regards to affiliate marketing for beginners is Amazon Associates Program, which can be used to become an amazon affiliate marketer. Upon joining you can choose from a multitude of amazon affiliate programs to incorporate into your channel.

If you wondered how to get affiliate links and deals, getting amazon affiliate links is the fastest and possibly most known way to do so. 

Finally you can get your fans to pay or donate to you directly, via either live streams or crowdfunding options.

All in all YouTube is an extremely versatile platform, allowing for a huge variety of monetization options, at little to no cost of your own, so long as you’re willing to put in the effort of growing your following. 

One such successful channel is Beginner Trading at over 22000 subscribers. The channel owners focused their efforts on day trading, which is a stock market practice of entering and closing positions within the same day. Their channel is divided into educational content, live-streams, and summaries of their trading techniques, with no content that wouldn’t fit their brand. Namely giving viewers nearly anything they might need from said channel. 

And they’re successfully monetizing the traffic their niche gets them while providing quality content for free!

YouTube profits

2. Create a Niche Website

Next in line on our list is creating websites, under the same reasoning for why niches and brands are important in this sort of business I have already explained in the previous point.

Starting a niche website, after deciding on your own focus, niche, or brand, is only a bit more difficult than starting a Youtube channel.

Firstly, you might wonder how to make an affiliate website for free? Find a free online website hosting service, like WordPress, register, and find your first hurdle. You can either choose an existing template from the ones available, search for more templates online, or customize your own. Your choice should be influenced by what exactly do you plan for your website to be. A blog, a review corner, a video sharing platform, gallery, or stream? Or perhaps a forum, or a shop, or an auction place? The choice is yours!

Secondly, you need to pick a name for your website. If you use a free online service it will most often display along with the name of the hosting platform you use. If you’re willing to splurge a bit of money however, you can buy a domain on your own for a (usually) small price. A name is also an important factor in the branding process, don’t skip it!

Thirdly, you go through the same hurdles of creating and providing content, promoting your website around social media, and accumulating your own viewership. The more organic your website viewership is, the better. Organic is determined by people finding your website’s content via search engines and the likes instead of direct referral links. 

Afterwards you’re free to monetize your content with affiliate marketing, premium paid content, unlockable content, a subscription-based premium access, donations, crowdfunding, print on demand merchandise, and ads from Google Adsense or your host – do make sure to check out website ads guidelines, that’s important!

3. Create a Community on Social Media

Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or twitter have always been some of the prime dealers in regards to affiliate marketing, often used in reaching a wider audience, advertising, collabs and promoting content. 

Yet while creating a social media page, twitter or forum is the easy part, social media offers a unique challenge of creating an active community around it for it to matter. That means tailoring your content not just towards branding itself, but also ensuring your community is actively interested in it. That often requires creating events, interactive challenges, or giveaways to ensure that the community stays actively engaged. 

Why is it important? The more active the community is, the more profitable your affiliate programs are going to be. 

Other challenges of social media include making sure you post in relevant times for your audience, to ensure you release new content frequently, to keep the community alive.

Yet there are many advantages to social media too, which include collabs, more direct communication with your followers, but most importantly the ease with which your audience can share your content further. So do make sure to try making trendy and relevant content as often as possible!

4. Emerging Markets, Tik Tok

New and emerging markets like Tik Tok have some of the greatest and easiest growth opportunities due to a smaller competition and fresh, more active user base.

As they are new they also tend to offer unique challenges inherent to them, often not yet researched in full. If you choose this method, you will be in a new territory, so stay sharp and keep on updating your approach the more you learn! 

Just what is Tik Tok and how can you easily grow and build a following on it?

Tik Tok is a video sharing app where short 15 second vines can be uploaded to. The app makes it incredibly easy to upload, edit, and modify videos, which makes creating content for it quite a lot easier than for many other platforms.

The way it works is by showing your uploads to Tik Tok users and if they happen to like it, Tik Tok algorithms will be increasingly more likely to recommend that sort of content to them in the future. 

Effectively helping you increase your following faster. So make sure to focus on memorable, funny, trending, or otherwise impactful content here if you wish to make use of that opportunity! 

Remember to hashtag your videos to boost your content’s visibility even further.

Once you reach a wider following on Tik Tok you can look into monetizing your content. Sadly in that respect Tik Tok is quite limited, making your only real option affiliate marketing. On the upside, if you decide to create and use multiple platforms, Tik Tok allows for linking of YouTube and social media accounts, so if anything else fails, you can still make use of your popularity on it to boost your own following on other platforms.

5. Newsletters and Email Lists

And the last on the list are newsletters and email groups or lists. Those don’t really necessitate you to create any websites, social media, or join any other platforms out there, albeit having them could definitely help you grow and promote them better. 

Creating Newsletters and email lists is heavily focused on growing your email list of subscribers and eliminating the inactive ones to maximize your reach. You can grow it through any and all platforms and even no platforms at all, it can start from just a group of your friends, or as a side to one of your other endeavors. If you do choose this method make sure you research all of the ways of growing your email list fast, that’s really crucial!

All of the previously discussed forms of branding and picking your niche also apply here, with the con of it being potentially the most work intensive of the options listed so far.

The pro of this method is the fact you can mix in your affiliate marketing programs into your standard mails practically seamlessly. 

To sum up, there are multiple ways of making use of affiliate marketing companies to make some money online. And the beauty of it is that you can actually make use of all of those methods and more, essentially creating a positive loop increasing and empowering your traffic, letting you earn more and more money over time. 

If you find yourself thinking that it might be something for you, just take your pick, you can start right away!

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