Amazon Affiliate Case Study 2017

Everyone loves good case studies.

Especially those who bust all the myths.

This Amazon affiliate case study will show you how a regular affiliate made an Amazon Affiliate website and made it extremely profitable.

We are talking about thousands of dollars per month.

There are a number of Amazon case studies out there, but none of them compare to what you are about to see.

Not only that we go into the exact numbers, but you will be able to follow the whole process and build a similar website yourself.
The best part? The traffic is free.

No paid traffic whatsoever.

If anyone will ever tell you that it’s impossible to make $20,000-$40,000/month with free traffic only, then you want to show them this:

August Statistics

This website received about 48,447 visitors in August which is about 264.23% more than what they got in July.

The beauty of it is that the traffic increased on it’s own. And it was all free traffic.

Basically it was set and forget.


As you may guessed it when the traffic increased, the earnings did as well.

In August the site made about $12,279 in Amazon affiliate earnings.

The interesting part is that the website owner himself wasn’t expected for the site to grow so rapidly.


Let’s move on to September stats.

September Statistics

September brought another increase in traffic and in earnings.

The growth was about 31.35% more comparing to August. It generated 63,369 visits.

Keep in mind that the site owner was doing nothing at all.

The site was growing completely on the Autopilot and he just collected the checks.


As for earnings, In September, the site generated about $16,077 in total.

Earnings growth was about 30.93% more comparing to the previous month.


Many of you asked are those earnings include other niche sites? The site owner mentioned that they are not.
He was using Amazon affiliate program only on this one particular website.

OK. How about October?

October Statistics

For some unexplained reason the site had a massive increase in traffic in October.

Maybe it’s because of the Christmas season that was a few months away.

Maybe it was because of the high reach that the site was now getting.

Anyway, in October alone this site got 90,547 visitors, which was 42.88% more as compared to September.


Seeing the potential and a huge popularity of his website, he started the guest posting in October and got links from few DA 50+ sites including ( and IdiotsGuides)

Suddenly In October, the brands started to reach him out and started sending products to review.

Upon request they even integrated affiliate programs on their websites so that he could get commissions since they aren’t selling their products on Amazon.

Another extra income.

However, the biggest chunk of money still came from the giant Amazon.
$21,331 in October alone.

After 7 months after the launch, this Amazon Affiliate website crossed the $20k/month mark!


And made ~ $913.98 from the LixPen brand in October.


In total: $22,245.38.

November Statistics

October, November and December are the most profitable months for ecommerce and Amazon Affiliates.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you can make a ton of money at the end of the year..

So it was for this site.

139,111 unique hits in November (53.63% more as compared to the October).


Earnings almost doubled. It made $35,632.52 from Amazon Associates program and $3520.58 from LixPen.


As you can see from the stats above, Cyber Monday (@25 Nov and @28 Nov) gave a nice bump in earnings 😉

Other than that, the site owner also partnered with 3DSimo in November that resulted in about $1500 extra income from their affiliate program.

In total, he earned about $40,653.10 in November.

To watch another free case study, John with Beginner Trading day trades stocks every day on YouTube, check out this.

UPDATE: As the site owner reported, he is now making over $80k/month with just one Amazon affiliate website!

We have included an update video at the end of this premium post.

Can his success be duplicated?

The answer is yes.

Of course we can’t promise the exact numbers.

But for incomevoice blog readers we will go deeper and you will discover the exact step-by-step process of how this site was set up from the very start.

We will expose the exact website and the traffic sources.

Basically by following the blueprint below, you will be able to replicate the site and grab your own piece of Amazon affiliate earnings.

So without further ado, here’s the exact website…

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thank you, very interesting idea.

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Is this Amazon FBA?

$40k a month with affiliate program is a shit ton of money.

    Andrew James · at

    100% affiliate commissions.

      superaffiliate · at

      thanks Andrew.

      Bought this post today out of curiosity.

      That dude is sick. Haven’t seen anyone making $80k/month with amazon associates program.

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    yes. That’s correct.
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Hi Andrew! Great amazon earnings and great post! Was an interesting read. I have a question. Can I use a screenshot from this post as a reference to show people that earning with amazon affiliates is real and can bring a lot of earnings? Just a reference mentioning that Andrew earned that. Let me know please. Thanks.

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    Hello Stan,

    Yes, please do. No problem using the screenshot.

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Nice. Post, one problem though your social icons is in the way of it especially on my smartphone. Fix that to further enhance your post. I seriously had a bad time trying to read it.

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    You should be able to hide the social icons with a little arrow.

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