Amazon Affiliate Case Study

When it comes to making money with Amazon, we instantly think about creating a site filled with a ton of reviews.
But the following case study reveals that the ‘review’ idea is just one of many possible ways to promote Amazon affiliate products.
We at incomevoice love to go around and look for the easiest and simplest ways to make money.
We are all in for ‘stupid’, ‘simple’, ‘weird’, ‘quick’, ‘outside the box’ and ‘unconventional’ ways.
The site that you are about to discover is exactly that.
And when you will see it, you won’t believe that it’s making way over $21K a month with Amazon affiliate program.
This case study will be on a $21,000+ affiliate per month site

What is

When you will visit, you won’t even guess that this could be an affiliate website.
They publish non-popular and very weird stuff from Amazon that 90% of them will never get bought..
That’s the content that get hits and get’s people to Amazon.
We all know how well the ‘viral’ type of catchy headlines and interesting pictures get clicks.
“This Is Why I’m Broke” shares unusual stuff.
Cool products, geeky gadgets and all kind of weird stuff across multiple categories that they find around the web.

As you can see from the screenshot above, this is a ‘pinterest’ kind of style of site.
There are categories to choose from, but basically you can scroll down on one page and cool stuff will just appear endlessly.
This is why we called it a ‘one page’ site.
When we visited the website, we didn’t browse through the categories, we only checked the ‘what’s new’ stuff.

How do people get on Amazon?

No matter where you click it, either on the image or on the “Check it out” button, you will land straight on Amazon.
There’s no product reviews, plenty of texts and all that jazz.
Just one catchy image (sometimes animated) to get more attention.
An interesting description (mixed with humor for more engagement).
And a call to action button.
That’s it.

Is Amazon the only affiliate program they use?

In fact, Amazon counts just for 60% of their total earnings.
Which means that the site could be potentially making ~$40k/month.
We know for a fact (through this source) that “This is why I’m broke” is making over $20,000 from Amazon alone.
The site also promotes products through Ebay Partner Network, Think Geek, Firebox, Wicked Lasers, Hammacher and more.

What about traffic?

Most of the traffic comes from social media sites though people sharing their content.
When they started out, they used Reddit and Stumbleupon paid ads to kick in the traffic.
Now it’s either viral, word of mouth or direct traffic.
People like to come back more than once.
And with a catchy name, site owners make them easy to do.
They now do very little in the form of paid advertising or marketing.
Surprisingly there’s almost no traffic from Google or Bing.
Top searches are for the name and url, meaning that when someone hears about the site, they go and search on google.

What made the site so popular?

In our opinion three things:
1. Pinterest lookalike design.
Many internet users are already familiar with Pinterest and unconsciously they associate it with a ‘non commercial’ type of website.
This is where took a great advantage.
It’s safe, so to speak.
When you land on their website, there’s no way you could tell that it’s an affiliate site.
We predict that many successful affiliate websites in the future will be like this.
People are on the fence when they read reviews and see “add to cart” buttons all over the place.
But they like to click through engaging content.
2. Engaging and viral content.
Viral content websites go viral for a reason.
Catchy headlines + interesting pictures get attention and clicks like crazy. nailed it perfectly combining entertainment with eCommerce.
3. Unique and completely opposite to what others are doing.
Instead of listing the most popular products, they did the opposite.
They post stuff that almost no affiliate want or have courage to promote them.
Just look at the content they post:
You get the idea 🙂


Now the most important question is can you replicate the success and build a similar site?
We think that yes you can.
Of course we can’t promise the same kind of numbers, but even $5k/month would be worth the try.
If we would build such a site, we would niche it down.
Basically we would go through the and see what categories are the most popular.
From what we have seen, anything related to adult got the most attention (and probably clicks).
Then we would buy some traffic to see if it has any potential.
There are a couple (niched down) competitors out there that you can check it out:

Is it worth even trying building a site like this?
Yes of course it is 🙂
If the site goes viral – you are golden.
To add 2 to 3 products a day would probably take an hour a day.
Imagine adding 2-3 reviews? That would be a lot of work.
Anyhoo, I hope you enjoyed this case study.
Don’t forget to like,tweet,g+ and leave a comment 🙂
Till next time.

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Guidry Sissy · at

Im interested in building a website as suggested in your ad.

Alfred · at

Very interesting concept. Thanks for the idea.
If possible, please post more adsense case studies.

Mislo · at

Could you please tell what is the wordpress theme he uses?
Or how to get that same layout/theme pinterest-like design easily?

If I knew that, I’d start to build a site like that immédiatly.
Great Concept.


    Andrew James · at

    hey Mislo,

    not sure what kind of theme they use, but WordPress has some great free piniterest-like themes.

    Just type ‘pinterest’ or ‘pin’ in the theme search box when installing a new theme.

    They have some good ones.

    Or you can buy one, if you have a budget. There are plenty paid pinterest-like themes out there.


Casper · at

what kind of niches do you think would work the best?

    Andrew James · at

    Great question.

    Something that raises curiosity.

    Whitehat adult gadgets, tools I think something that we personally would choose.


Phuoc · at

How to get free traffic for that kind of site?

    Andrew James · at

    Hey Phuoc,

    that’s a great question.

    They first bought traffic, then it went viral and now they mostly get through social media and direct traffic.

    I guess it’s a hit or miss. If you have something that people like and will share – then you will get free traffic.

    Google won’t work here since there’s almost no content..

Naidum · at

Hi James, Can you reveal where you get the catchy image like that ? Thanks

    Andrew James · at

    Hi Naidum,

    this is not my site, we just wrote a quick case study how other people make money with Amazon 😉
    But your question is great. First you can try google images or copying product image from the Amazon.
    I guess they hire designers who make those pictures.
    When you make over $21K/ month, you can afford that 🙂

Michael John · at

This site is awesome, is this custom theme they use or we can also make this site in WordPress? how can I make a site like this without coding skill?


    Andrew James · at

    Hey Michael,

    yeah, I think it’s a custom built theme.

    For a start you can use a WordPress theme.

    There’s a plugin that can link to the external URL when you click on the post title.

    So all you need now is to find a similar WordPress theme.


abdul · at

great post, please post more like these. THANKS!

    Raimundas M · at

    We will 😉

sachin · at

Great information. have created similar website Any help on driving traffic paid / free would be helpful.

Also wanted to know if you do any marketing services like traffic generation?

Thanks in Advance.

    Andrew James · at

    hey S.Sachin,
    for free traffic checkout and

    for paid – facebook ads and native ads.

    These should work.

    As for traffic generation service, currently no, but we are thinking about starting one in the future.

    hope this helps,

Negi · at

Hi Andrew,
a very nice and inspiring article for ppl who want to make money online.
But i have one question , i am very new to this so my question may seem to be stupid. 🙂
You said in the article “They publish non-popular and very weird stuff from Amazon that 90% of them will never get bought.. ”
so my question is if ppl are not going to buy the things once they click and go to amazon website , then how ? why ? and for what ? amazon will pay !
I am curious to know , so that i can also make my own website like that
Thanks in Advance

    Andrew James · at

    The best part with Amazon is that they pay regardless of what they buy when they visit Amazon.

    So if they clicked on a link for a book and bought a motorcycle, you will get paid commission percentage for motorcycle 🙂

    You just need to get them on Amazon through your affiliate link.

    hope his clarify some stuff.


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