Adsense $13,490 per month Case Study

This will be a quick, straight to the point, no fluff Adsense case study.

So, let’s begin…

One of the biggest opportunities to make a good chunk of money is events.

Big events.

Events like Black Friday which takes place once a year (in November).

This is where HUGE money is left on the table.

“Black Friday” is hands-down THE most promoted day of the year.

It’s also the day that retailers finally announce their absolute best deals of the year, offering their hottest savings on toys, electronics, apparel, jewelry, housewares and more.
It’s the time of year when consumers want to know about each and every door-buster and early-bird sale, ASAP.

They fervently begin the hunt, hoping to find deeply discounted Black Friday ads as soon as they are leaked.

This is where the opportunity comes in.

Recognizing this profitable idea, Scott created a website that gives people what they want: early intel about Black Friday discounts and hot items.

Basically the site that focus on publishing leaked Black Friday ads and circulars weeks before they are printed and distributed in the media.

Traffic spikes each year just before the Black Friday day.

Visitors flood the site hoping to get an early peek at the ads to plan their Black Friday shopping day.

Even though the site idle other months of the year, it gets momentum 2-3 months before the Black Friday and then explodes right before the event generating almost $2k in one day.

Last November this site served 5.9 million pages to 413,458 visitors within the 30-day month.

So you have to be prepared for a huge surge of traffic.

Let’s take a look at the actual site.

How to Make $1,100/month with Clickbank and Autoblogs (only 10 minutes to setup)

How to Make $653/month with Clickbank Without a Website (using a secret Google tool)

Best Performing Ads

468×60 display ads placed in the middle of the blog posts made the most revenue.

Followed by the 728×90 leaderboards placed at the bottom of each page displaying Black Friday ad scans.


Extra income from Affiliate Networks

$13,490 is not the final number for this site.

He made a ton of money working with affiliate advertisers who gained sales from exposure on the site.

In fact, the revenue generated from affiliate is above and beyond what he earned from Adsense.

Meaning, sometimes he makes from affiliate networks more money than from Google Adsense.

Remember, these are PURE buyers.

Buyers who are ready to spend money.

Best possible crowd for online marketers 😉

He was using: Amazon Associates, PepperJam, LinkShare, Commission Junction and Skimlinks.
The more an advertiser sells and ships as a result of the ad on his site, the higher the commissions he gets.

Of all the affiliate programs, he made the most, by far, from Amazon.


Is it possible for you to replicate the success and build a similar site?

We think that yes.

There are many angles that you can use when it comes to Black Firday and Cyber Monday.

The holiday season is prime time to maximize web traffic, engage with your audience, and make some money.

I personally know a guy who makes money solely from the holiday season (all on autopilot) and lives in Thailand.

So if you haven’t build a site focused on holiday season, now it’s time set one up 😉

I hope you enjoyed this short case study.

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Till next time!

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I feel like all your ideas are incredible! good article helped me a lot.

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Thanks for this. I have a question.
do you think Amazon would perform well with this kind of site?

    Raimundas M · at

    actually as the owner said, he sometimes makes more than what Adsense makes.

    These are buyers, they spend money. Amazon is an excellent monetization choice for this kind of site.

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