I know how frustrating Adsense can be especially for beginners. When I started, the idea of displaying ads on my website for visitors to click me into becomming a billionaire sounded very interesting until my first check arrived. As time passed the traffic on my website increased. But without much increase in my Adsense revenue.

I began researching and trying different things to increase my Adsense revenue. Some methods worked. Other helped me to discover better ways. Over the years I gathered a wealth of strategies. And a variety of tricks.  But none have proven to be more effective than three secrets revealed in this article.

I tripled my revenue in a few months and ever since been enjoying good returns.

Before we get into the tricks, there are some basic things you need to put in place. Vital things I wish I knew when I first started. Information that would have made my Adsense journey an easy one.

They hate Adsense ?

Firstly, it is important to note that most website visitors hate ads. They would do anything not to click on the ads.  Organic visitors (those coming to your website through Google searches) are more likely to click on ads than regular visitors.

This means you need to keep your SEO top notch. Search engine optimization will help your website appear or rank higher for targeted keywords. It increases the chances of your website being visited.

Traffic is important when it comes to Google adsense. SEO Audit, Keyword research, and creating engaging content are the best ways to rank higher in organic searches.

The best banner adds

Google Adsense placing the adds

Secondly, it is important to ensure that setting up the ads is done in the most efficient way possible to generate the maximum revenue. Visitors dislike ads. This means placing ads on the traditional advertising zones won’t be very effective.

There are also certain banner sizes that perform less than others. For example, the 336×280 large rectangle banner size has proven to be most effective. Just as a way to test this, you can try different banner sizes and monitor the results to see for yourself.

No matter what you do, make sure the ads blend into your content as well as possible.  The more they stick out the more likely they are to be ignored. Text and image ads allow for customization to a certain degree. You can experiment different font sizes and colors to ensure that things blend in nicely with your content.

When working with Adsense analytic tools should be your friend because that is what you will use to study the performance of certain changes you make in order to discover what works best for you.

Use the right adds

Google Adsense

Foto Credit: Pixaby

Lastly, you will discover sometimes that your website displays ads where you get exactly zero dollars from. This happens when the ads are not related to your content or whatever the reason may be.

Just know that Google offers you a way to remove the worst advertisers on your website to give room for better ones. The feature is found in adsense as Category Filters.

To access this simply log into your adsense account and click on the Adsense Set Up go to Ad Review Centre and Google will display your Filtered Categories. From there you can simply check off the categories you wish to remove and click submit.

Now, let’s move on to discover 3 secret ways to triple your Adsense income.

Optimize Titles

Getting the title right requires a little bit of keyword research, you see certain keywords have higher cost per click rate than others. Sometimes you will discover that tweaking the title a little bit can get a considerable increase in the revenue. It is important to ensure that the meaning of the title is not lost in the process.

Tweaking must be done strictly on the base that it does not change the meaning of the titles. When carrying out keyword research for an article, there is that place where one needs to make a compromise between CPC and the number of searches per month on a certain keyword.

In this situation, ask yourself what is more important; organic traffic or CPC? This way you will find the perfect level of compromise to make or not to make. One vital thing to keep in mind when dealing with titles is to think like the website visitor, what would they likely be looking for?

Remember the reason for setting up the website and keep your focus on creating and maintaining quality content. This is being said because most website owners get carried away with increasing revenue that the quality of content on the website suffers.

Adsense for Search

Adsense for search

Foto Credit: Pixaby

Newsfalsh! Adsense for search is a goldmine. It has been proven to be very much more profitable than adsense for content. I am not saying this to discourage you from using Adsense for content, but rather to get you to use both types on your website.

Adsense for search is when a Google search button is placed on your website to enable users search Google directly from your website. Besides this little godlmine, there is also Adsense for feeds. Although it is good to use different units it is better to give a little breathing room for your website visitors to look at.


There is a popular position called the Adsense ‘sweet spot’. This position is obtained after testing several positions on the website. One particular spot has always proven to be more effective.

This spot is not around the expected advertising zones. People have mastered the art of being blind to anything placed on the ad zone. Research shows that placing Ads in the content zone; just below your title above your content is the perfect spot.

This spot will get you incredibly higher click through rates.

Guest post by Jack Deen. He writes on Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Shipping, Medical as well as Logistics relevant subjects. 

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