Either you own a well-established business or looking for a side hustle to startup business, we all have better plans but no heavy investments. All we need is an out of the box idea to make it happen.

To make this hustle stress-free for you, we have assembled a list of easy-to-start business ideas that requireslow investment and you’ll definitely find your go-to idea amongst these.

Let’s begin…

Design and Retail Customized Merchandise

Customized merchandise and stuff can never go off-demand because every day a new invention pops out. Some of the houses might be full of customized cups, t-shirts, wallets, keychains, pendants and God knows what else.

This is probably because people love something that they can get attached too and let’s not forget, customized merchandise is a perfect gift idea for him or her.

Therefore, create your own art and sell it out at reasonable prices. It can be a perfect start of your make money online business.

Offer a Graphic Designing Service

Rather than working on jobs and updating resumes, why don’t you do something that you’re already good at? Graphic designing is always in popular demand in the market as people never get satisfied with less than excellent.

If you think, you are a pro in graphic designing, prepare a portfolio of your work and market it online or generate links that can get you some work.

It is one of the highest-paid online business and you can charge your payment for each design you provide.

Be Inventive – Sell Handmade Delicacies

Do you have those magical hands that have a finger-licking taste that can impress anybody?

Why have you never thought of becoming a Foodlancer and earn some money from it? It’s not as easy as selling ice-cream but who doesn’t mind making some efforts for a living?

Moreover, this what you love to do after all.

You can partner with umpteen delivery service provides who can deliver your food to the doorstep of customers or you can run your pages online where people can place an order directly.

Turn into A Blogger/Writer

Blogging has been so much on-trend in recent times where you find every single thing on the internet. Either a current affair or history of the ’90s, you can find everything to read.

Start your projects, build connections on online platforms or if you are good at web page writing then sky is the limit.

The income can be from 500-50000 entirely depending on how much time you spend on your work.

Share a Ride – Get Paid to Drive

Most of us use Uber & Careem for our everyday commute because it is affordable, comfortable, and convenient. You can simply book a ride to anywhere within seconds and reach there safely.

Therefore, choosing a ride-sharing business can be remarkably profitable. You can either lend your car to the company to enjoy monthly revenue or you can choose to drive it on your own and earn additional income.

Do Voice Overs

You can get paid for your amazing voice! Here are a few ways you can turn your voice into online business for a living.

  • Voice overs for commercials – Many companies keep looking for people who want to make money with their voice by getting hired for voice-over commercials.
  • YouTube videos – You can start your voice-over for videos today by creating a YouTube channel and market your art without any investment.
  • Ads on the radio – Search online for the radio channels who look for people like you and me to promote their audio Ads.

Online Tutoring

You might not be a pro in every subject but there must be one that you excel in. We’re looking specifically for that one exception that qualifies for online tutoring.

Create an online course to impart your wisdom to others.

Go through the similar sites that work the same and turn your skills into step by step process for students to join.

You can charge fees per students likewise.

Get Paid To Travel the World

Raise your hand if you’re a travel-holic and would love to travel around the world.

What’s the topmost primary thing you need to travel anywhere? Money right? And what if I tell you, you’ll get paid to travel the world?

Now hear me out!

You can choose to deliver packages and other important necessities abroad where all your travelling expenses for example accommodation, food, the commute will be paid by the company and you can simply enjoy work with pleasure!

Social Media Executive

If you’re already a social media freak and you can start up your business in the digital world where you can utilize your skill well.

Several companies and brands search people who can handle and operate their online social pages on different platforms. It requires you to daily update what’s new and keep a check on followers.

Even the pay is pretty good; you can make up to $50–100 per hour.


Freelancing is our top pick for today. We may have listed it at the end but this is something you should consider as your topmost priority. To keep it easy, choose any freelance work you can do. For example, you can freelance writing if you enjoy writing stuff or for instance, you can choose photography if that’s your forte.

Foto Credit: Piqsels

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